Report a Claim

When you have a claim to report, please contact your Millennium Account Executive or Account Manager and advise them. We will review the claim application with you to ensure that it meets your insurer’s requirements.

Here is a checklist of items typically submitted to substantiate a claim application:

  • Policyholder name and policy number;
  • Buyer name and address;
  • Copy of the approved credit limit;
  • If the claim is for a buyer under the discretionary credit limit (DCL), please provide at least one of the following:
    • a credit report dated no later than 12 months from the time of shipment; 
    • a statement of account for the last 12 months, and;
    • if required under DCL, two written trade references obtained 12 months prior to the shipment date.
  • Copies of the invoices and a statement of account summarizing the claim amount;
  • Proof of Debt including:
    • a purchase order or contract signed by the buyer; 
    • a written acknowledgement of debt;
    • confirmation of the debt from the bankruptcy trustee; 
    • copies of cheques returned NSF; 
    • any other document acknowledging the debt.
  • Proof of shipment including bill of lading or waybills;
  • Proof of insolvency where applicable. If you are requested to file a proof of claim with the trustee, please do so as soon as possible;
  • Summarize your collection actions;
  • Any other documentation that will support the claim application.

To file a formal claim, please see the tab entitled “Underwriters Claim Forms”, select the appropriate application, and submit the claim to our office for review. We review the claim to ensure submission of adequate supporting documentation to ensure expedited claim payment. We will submit the claim application on your behalf.

If you have a specific question regarding a claim please contact one of our offices