International Risk Consultants

International Risk Consultants greatly benefits from the relationship it has developed with Millennium via the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA). The two companies works closely on common clients or on subsidiaries of their clients in their territory. These clients comment on the advantage they obtain by having local expertise and proximity or the ‘glocal’ approach (global and local) as we refer to within ICBA. Given the value added that our clients have experienced, we look forward to the expansion and continued success of this relationship.

- Maria Mercedes Plant, Chairman of the Board, International Risk Consultants

KDC Inc.

Les Emballages Knowlton Inc. (LEK) has been using Millennium’s services as a credit insurance broker since 1996. Because of its close relationship with LEK, it has been able to support the growth of our company and amend the credit insurance to meet our changing requirements. We have been very impressed with Millennium’s service and it’s integrity. We know they are working in our best interest to meet our objectives.

- Pierre Prud'homme, CFO, KDC Inc

CanAgro Exports Inc.

Millennium has been our insurance broker since 2008 and since that time has helped us establish various insurance facilities that have been very helpful to our business. CanAgro Exports has found that Millennium has been extremely helpful in enhancing and facilitating our relationship with EDC.

- Melissa Kehler, CanAgro Exports Inc

Blastech Corporation

We have been dealing with Millennium as our credit insurance broker since 1998. Millennium has not only represented our interests well in placing insurance, but it has also been instrumental in obtaining the credit approvals necessary to permit us to take on several important contracts. We feel Millennium’s finance and underwriting experience are unique in the industry, thus enabling it to represent our interests very well to the underwriters.

- Al Toner, Chief Financial Officer, Blastech Corporation

Kal-Trading Inc.

We are very fortunate to have Millennium as our credit insurance broker. The advice and services provided are excellent & we are very impressed. They are always there & willing to help whenever we have credit issues or problems. We feel very comfortable relying on their expertise knowing they have our best interest at heart as always. Thank you, Millennium, for your support for the past few years. Let’s continue to work closely to achieve the best possible results for both companies.

- Cliffinia Chow, Chief Financial Officer, Kal-Trading Inc